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We are an innovation driven company with the singular purpose of delivering secure revenue generating solutions that use overt, covert and forensically defensible technologies.

To become a leader in brand and intellectual property protection for both government and the private sector.

Our Team

Our management team has unparalleled experience working with leading partners such as 3M Security Systems and De La Rue. These partnerships offer a unique understanding in the design and fabrication of revenue mobilization systems capable of delivering turnkey solutions for both public and private sector organizations.

The team also provides a comprehensive project plan and implementation methodology that underpin the human resource requirement for our business.

Comprehensive Tax Stamp Solutions

The Tax Stamp program was implemented with the intention of enabling government account for and rely on taxed product. Taxed products are a significant revenue source. The financial resources of a country can be crippled by criminal activities such as counterfeiting, diversion and tax evasion. Tax revenues fuel many governmental programs such as health and public services; thus the need for accountable Tax program.

Over 1 million products are tax stamped annually in a prominent African country

Expertise in designing, implementing and managing successful, high ROI tax stamp programs


The use of the Tax Stamps emanates from the Excise Stamp Act, 2013 (Act 873) uses small stickers with security features supplied by government to some manufacturers and importers to be affixed to their products before they are released to the market.

The program is a step in government’s partnership with private businesses to build a strong and business-friendly economy. One of such partnership is with Authentix who provides comprehensive programs that enable finance ministries to accurately and efficiently collect excise taxes to fund programs, protect the health and safety of the population, and promote market opportunities for compliant manufacturers.

These programs can recover millions of cedis in otherwise lost taxes by helping revenue agencies identify where counterfeit items are permeating the marketplace. With this information revenue agencies can efficiently target their enforcement resources to stop the flow of the contraband items.

Nationwide Technologies like Authentix has:

Flexible Marking Options

Nationwide Technologies works with Authentix; an industry leading partner to provide multiple tax stamp program options to meet specific customer needs. Tax stamp programs include any combination of traditionally-applied paper stamps, fully digital marks applied by ink jet printing, or a hybrid approach depending upon the needs of the country and the revenue agency.

Integrated Reporting

An easy e-commerce ordering platform with an integral Tax Stamp Information System provides the taxing authority with full visibility into the program for accountability. Through the Tax Stamp Information System the revenue agency is able to approve registrations of participants, order and approve stamps or codes and also monitor related activities.

Integrated Security Solutions

An innovation driven company with the singular purpose of delivering secure revenue generating solutions that use overt, covert and forensically defensible technologies

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At Streamline Resource Ghana

We deliver robust revenue generation systems through the use of extensive experience and cutting edge innovations.

We provide solutions which includes equipment design, floor planing, process flow management and quantities of equipment.

Our technology platforms provide the most secure deterrents against smuggling, illicit trade and counterfeiting.

We maintain the highest levels of document security

We deliver unrivaled levels of security whilst supporting a broad spectrum of customer specific requirements